About the Project

The Visual-Baseball Project is focused on the intersection between baseball information and the latest in analysis and visualization approaches. All current work on the site is created by Ken Cherven, a Detroit-based visualizer. Check me out at About.me or on Twitter.

I utilize a number of incredible open source charting libraries, which allow me to create great interactive displays. Click, zoom, scroll, and learn. The quest is to provide new ways of viewing the relationships within the data, and make them visually striking and relevant for fans of baseball and the visual arts.

My belief is that information can no longer be hoarded; like it or not (and I like it), information is now in the public domain. Thanks to the web and the multitude of open source tools it has spawned, we can combine available data with the best open source analysis and visualization tools, and deliver it to you on this site.

All information on this site can then be shared with others via a Creative Commons license, making it available for all to enjoy. So post to Facebook and Twitter, email, download, and comment – help expand the role of visualization in the baseball universe and beyond.


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