My most recent book, titled Mastering Gephi Network Visualization, was released in January 2015. 7344OS_mockupcover_normalThis book examines the many ways Gephi can be used to analyze and then visualize network data. Here’s the home page for the book.

My first two books were published in 2013. The first, an introduction to Gephi and network graph analysis, was done through Packt Publishing. The second book, first in a series on baseball pennant races, was a self-published effort.

Here’s the Gephi book, complete with the link to the Packt site. It’s available on Amazon and through Barnes & Noble online, among others.
Gephi is a powerful open source tool that helps users to analyze data and create network graphs and visualizations using social network or similar data. This area of visualization has become very hot in recent years, and is a valuable addition to the data analyst’s repertoire.

The pennant race book is available through Amazon, and is now available for Kindle. BookCoverImage

This book is the first of two on baseball’s pennant races, and presents a highly visual look at the key metrics for every season from 1901-1968. Not only will you see the pennant race in graphical form, but also critical measures of success such as runs scored and allowed, team versus team results, and a host of others, all displayed in full color.

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